Trash Heap to Treasure Pile {Office Makeover}

Trash Heap to Treasure Pile {Office Makeover}

Shut That Door!

You may recall from a previous post, the Children’s Ministry office tends to be a dumping ground for all things kid related.  (Just for clarification, Anne was totally joking when she wrote that note, and I wasn’t upset at all!)   Apparently, according to The Eric Trap, which I just finished reading, this is a common problem in children’s ministry — trashed offices.

For me, there were a few problems:

  1. Every week, I would gather up supplies, lay them out for our leaders and then every Wednesday night, things would get dumped either on the desk or on the floor in my office.  Now, my volunteer team was TRYING to be helpful.  They knew that stuff went SOMEWHERE in the kidmin office, but didn’t even know where to begin looking for a place to put it away.
  2. Inevitably,  about 10 minutes before Sunday service would start, the children’s church teacher would be in my office, asking me where they could find markers for the day’s lesson.  Now, this was not really a lack of preparation on their part.  I always tell them, “we’ve got the supplies, just stop in and pick them up!”  The trouble is, the teachers couldn’t find ANYTHING in the tangle of props and supplies, so I always had to be around to do it for them.
  3. Not all the supplies were even IN the Children’s Ministry office.  Because storage space was limited, we kept the things we used almost every week in the office, but the other stuff (including construction paper and other essentials) were stored in 2 or 3 elementary classrooms.  As you can imagine, this caused quite a bit of trouble.  Volunteers would come to my office asking for the heart hole puncher.  I promised them we had it… if I could only remember where I put it… we would glance around on the floor for a few minutes in case it hadn’t been put away yet, then we would head to classroom 103 where I was SURE we would find it.  Along the way, we would pass two kids that needed hugs, one that needed a band-aid, and a parent who had a question about the Easter event.  Ten minutes later, we found room 103 and I had completely forgotten what we were doing there.  Ugh.

So, we came up with a plan.  Now, I’ll admit… my plan did center a great deal on setting up a coffee corner in my office so I wouldn’t have to walk ALL THE WAY to the kitchen each week for my shot of energy.  But the MAIN idea was providing our volunteers a much easier way to find and put away supplies.  Oh yeah, and the coffee corner didn’t work out.  Ugh.

Take a Look at the Transformation!

Okay… apparently, I can’t find a BEFORE picture.  You don’t take pictures when you’re totally embarrassed by the state of affairs, I guess.  I did scrounge up this picture that I posted on Craigslist when I was trying to get rid of the desk.   So, keep in mind, this is the office on a good day!


After!  Pretty impressive, huh?

It’s a huge difference and it’s working!  People can find things AND put them away.  Yippee!

Special thanks to Craig who built all the shelves and to the East Lake Road Alliance trustees who installed them!!!

It’s not finished yet.  I’ve still got big plans for decorating.  Check out my pinterest board and share your own office pictures!

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