Treasuring Christ Curriculum

Treasuring Christ Curriculum

I just received an email about this curriculum and thought I’d share it here:

Is your church seeking a gospel-driven study or curriculum to use for the children and youth under the age of 18 in your church? Would you like a tool to help parents teach their children to treasure Christ more than everything else? Do you have a heart for the national and desire for the Gospel to be shared with all people? Are you looking for an affordable, unified curriculum?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider checking out the Treasuring Christ Curriculum.  Written by biblically minded writers from Providence Baptist Church in Raleigh, North Carolina, this curriculum is not merely a compilation of morals based on Bible stories. The Word of God is approached in a thoughtful way that shows how all of Scripture is a story. God’s redemptive plan through Christ is interwoven in this curriculum, with Jesus being the central focus. Jesus says in Luke 24:44-48 that Christ would die, be buried, be raised, and that the message would be shared throughout the world. Jesus is the Hero of Scripture and should be treasured above all other things.

Dr. Alvin Reid, a professor of Evangelism and Student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, provides a quick overview on his blog as to why he likes what I have seen so far with the material. His thoughts are found below.

  1. Every lesson focuses on God’s redemptive work. Each lesson faithfully deals with the text at hand, but also relates it to the larger redemptive plan of God in Scripture.
  2. The materials offer the opportunity for parents to go over the subject matter BEFORE Sunday. Plenty of curriculum exhorts parents to review the material after Sunday morning, but in the spirit of Deuteronomy 6:4-9 this encourages parents to study together before Sunday.  I really like that. Makes me sad my children are now grown!
  3. Pricing: I love this—the material is offered FREE to missionaries and churches outside the US and to any young church plants in the US, and is very affordable for established churches.
  4. Music: a former student of mine and gifted song writer Daniel Renstrom has written songs marked by theological richness. If we do not learn how to sing the gospel to this generation we will not reach many of them.
  5. It brings together the nuclear family and the local church family in an encouraging and biblical way without alienating those who do not come from believing homes in a given local church. The push to involve families outside the Sunday morning setting with the curriculum can help a church move to a more missional and less institutional posture.


This curriculum is designed to teach missional living and to help you produce godly character in yourself and your students. Bible study should be the centerpiece of a Christian education. Our crucial need as ministers is to educate our students to be Biblically literate. True literacy is more than just the ability to read. True literacy includes having a basis in Truth and the ability to reason from that basis to discover the answers to life’s questions. True literacy involves studying what Jesus has said and done and how we are to respond to the Gospel.

Please consider looking into this curriculum for use at your church. More information about purchasing can be obtained from the website. Please share the site with others if you find it useful! you have any questions, you may contact Kim Davidson at Perhaps the Lord is prompting you to look into using this curriculum to help you better fulfill the mission of God within your church.


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