Treasury of Bible Stories by Kelly Pulley {Book Review}

Treasury of Bible Stories by Kelly Pulley {Book Review}

Ever since I discovered Kelly Pulley’s work via The Magnificent Tales series, I’ve been a big fan.  I love his lyrical style of writing and the illustrations are terrific. A great blend of cartoon appeal while still being somewhat realistic (though the curly beards are a little intense sometimes!)  So when I was asked to take a look at the latest addition to the series, Treasury of Bible Stories, I was happy to jump on board.  Take a look:
As I’ve mentioned before, we do a type of nap time devotions with the kids and as providence would have it, we had just finished up one Bible book and were ready to go searching for a new book when this beauty showed up in the mail.
Treasury of Bible Stories
Of course, we jumped right in.  The kids were already drawn to it based on the illustrations (they adored the other books in the Magnificent Tales series) and were eager to read.  Here’s my take:


This book is a breeze to read and a blast to listen to.  I’m amazed at how cleverly the words rhyme and yet stay very true to the actual Biblical account.   I could see myself memorizing a story and using during lesson time for Children’s Ministry. The words are very engaging and the illustrations are detailed and fun as well.


If you started with the Magnificent Tales Series single books like we did, the amount of text on each page might seem a bit overwhelming.  We’re used to one or two stanza per page, but this Treasury uses 8 or 9 instead.   It’s not necessarily overwhelming for young listeners, but my kids do seem eager to turn the page before the appointed time.


The elbows on these people kind of creep me out.  But I guess that’s just a personal preference thing.  🙂


Great resource for families, especially if your kids are ages 4 to 8.  Even beyond that, it might be fun for kids to memorize these stories and perform them for others.  Grab one today!

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