Tru Sunday School (Now on DVD!)

Tru Sunday School (Now on DVD!)

If you haven’t checked out the Tru curriculum from David C. Cook, now it is easier to use than ever before with Tru DVDs.   We’ve been using the original Tru curriculum this summer in our Children’s Church program and I have loved both the format, the content and the philosophy present in Tru.


What is the Philosophy of Tru?

I was able to hear first hand the heart and philosophy behind Tru curriculum while I was at the Gathering conference in 2012.   If I had to sum it up in a nutshell, I would say that Tru seeks to create an environment where there is room for the Holy Spirit to speak to hearts and where parents are actively involved in the spiritual growth of their children.  You can read all the details about the philosophy here.

What is the Lesson Format?

Tru Sunday School begins by preparing the leader with a section entitled “Inspire. Equip. Support”.  Unlike most “teacher devotionals” found in curriculums, this section is truly inspiring and helpful as I prepare my heart to teach.

In the classroom, the lesson looks like this:

  • Connect (5-10 minutes): Relationship Building Time
  • Gather (20-35 minutes): Creative Telling of the Bible Story and more
  • Respond (15-20 minutes): Worship through corporate and personal responses to the lesson
  • Engage (15-20 minutes): Small Group Time
  • Bless (5-10 minutes): Send kids out with encouragement and prayer

You can see there is a lot of material!  Since a standard Sunday school is about an hour long, you’ll be able to customize what you want to use each week.  It’s always better to have too much material than not enough!

Now on DVD!

Tru Story DVD: Volume 1 (Grades 1-2)

I was excited to learn that the Tru Sunday School is now available on DVD. Some of my team members are  intimidated about going online and downloading the lessons.  I generally go online and print off the lesson for them, but that can be time-consuming and it uses quite a bit of paper!  This way, they can study from their own computer as well as choose which parts of the lessons they’d like to print off.  You can check out all the details about Tru on

During my time with using Tru, I’ve enjoyed the lessons and activities and I love how the curriculum systematically covers the whole “Big God Story” in a way that very clearly lays out God’s redemptive plan for the world.   Be sure to take a look!


More Tru Stuff to Check Out:

Disclosure:  You should probably know that this is a sponsored post.  However, I absolutely love Tru and the philosophy behind it.  We use it in our own church and I would recommend it to anyone! 

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