True Repentance and the Prodigal Son

True Repentance and the Prodigal Son

We’re on part two of a lesson about true repentance for our midweek program.  For our kids, we’ve defined repentance as:

True Repentance

Last week, we had some puppet visitors come in to talk about repenting of both bad behavior (disobedience) and good behavior (when we’re being prideful).

This week, we’ll take a look at Luke 15 and discuss the personalities and actions of the two sons.   To introduce the story in Large Group, I plan on showing this short video:

Then, as a group, we’ll fill in thought bubbles, first for the younger son (Prodigal) and then for the older son, based on what we guess they might have been thinking.  We’ll talk about where each son needed repentance – either for his disobedience or his pride.

Small Group Time

Need some ideas for small group?  Check out some of these ideas:

Muddy Pig (Preschool Craft)

 I Know A Wee Piggy {Story and Craft}

This is similar to a story time craft we did a few years ago from the book, I Know a Wee Piggy.   Using a sponge and some brown paint, preschoolers will explore the moment the prodigal son decides to return home.  Find the full instructions (and a better picture) at Danielle’s Place.

Help Him Find His Way Home (Real Life Maze)

Inspired by this maze over at Danielle’s Place , I thought it would be fun to take the older kids on a journey with the prodigal son.  Perhaps you could write clues to take them around the church and finally “home” again or perhaps you could blindfold them and have them go through an obstacle course.  The younger son wasn’t totally lost, but had ended up going the wrong way in his life and needed to find his way home.

Decorate the Classroom

Over at Bible Fun for Kids, a fellow Bible teacher shares how they decorated their classroom for this lesson and also some activities they did.  While her decorations are a little involved, it might be fun to assign each kid a section of he story to draw/illustrate and then make a collaborative timeline in your small group classroom.

Prodigal Son Relay Race

This game is part of the Bible Fun for Kids post above as well.  Kids are each assigned a task in the story (spend all the money, feed all the pigs, put a new robe on, etc) and hurry through the story as a relay race.  Find the details here.

Open Arms Craft

#forgiveness #teaching kids #prodigal son #craft

This craft focuses on the Father’s love and his forgiveness.  The open arms is a great visual and something the younger kids will appreciate making!  Find the full directions at Meaningful Mama. 

That’s it for now!  Hope it helps!

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