Truth in Tinsel Church Curriculum

Truth in Tinsel Church Curriculum

I’ll tell you what.  Amanda from never ceases to amaze me!  Not only did she come up with a great product to help families celebrate the Christmas season, she and her best friend, Staci Brown, have created a coordinating church curriculum!  I absolutely love seasonal curriculum so I was thrilled with Amanda sent me over a copy to try!  To read all about it, head to the Truth in Tinsel site.  

We tried out the Week One in children’s church last week and the kids loved it.  We are in the midst of practicing for the Christmas play, so we practiced Christmas play songs for about 10 minutes and then dove into the lesson.   We didn’t cover the full scope because we only had about 10-15 minutes after practice, but we did manage do to the object lesson opener, the memory verse activity, the main idea of the lesson, and the craft.

Here’s the schedule Amanda suggests:

  • Opening (5-8 minutes)
  • Worship (10 minutes)
  • Bible Verse Activity (5-8 minutes)
  • Bible Story (10-12 minutes)
  • Application Lesson (8-10 minutes)
  • Small Group Time (15 minutes)
  • Close (2 minutes)

Total Time: 54-67 minutes

The Good:

  • Clear, easy to follow instructions.  Good layout.
  • Lots of activities so kids don’t get bored
  • Easy to make props or included print-outs
  • Big God story emphasis: each lesson ties into the larger narrative of the Bible
  • Suggested songs for worship time
  • Creative ways to get kids involved (blindfolds, learning another language, audience sound effects, etc)
  • Small group craft was easy, fun, and meaningful.  The parents just raved about how cute it was too!

The Bad:

  • I thought the estimated times were a little over-estimated.  For example, we did the Bible verse activity exactly as the instructions explain and it took us about 4 minutes instead of the 5-8 minutes estimated.  No big deal for one activity, but when every part of the schedule falls 3-5 minutes short, you’ve got the “Oops! I’ve run out of lesson!” crisis.  Perhaps if we had more kids the estimations would be more accurate.  Our first service has about 12 kids and second service has about 30 kids.
  • The Scripture references were a little long.  For instance, one of the references was Genesis 1-3.  I guarantee we won’t be reading 3 chapters during Children’s Church.  Perhaps these were just for the teacher to prepare with?  If so, I would love to see some Scripture inserted into the lesson for kids to read along the way.


Another great product from Oh Amanda (not a surprise).  It just what we need during the Christmas Play season… something light and fun but with a very “truth of Christmas” message.  It’s easy to prepare, easy to teach, and really engages the kids.  I’ve only done one week so far, but I’m looking forward to the upcoming weeks and think it will be a big hit!

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Freebie Alert: Did you know you can watch the Nativity Story over at Friends and Heroes for free?!  I have seen a few of their videos (check out one of my reviews here) and I’m sure the kids will really enjoy this movie both at home and at church!  Head to the website and set up an account to watch for free! 

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