Truth in Tinsel: Day One!

Truth in Tinsel: Day One!

WOW!  It’s finally here!  This is a repost of last year’s adventure in order to get us started with the Truth in Tinsel e-book (have you snagged yours yet?  There is link below!).  I’ll be trying to post one day ahead so you can get an idea of what you need to prepare.  I’d love to hear how it’s going at your house!  Leave me a comment or post pictures at the Truth in Tinsel facebook page!

Let’s Get Started!

We’re off!  The first day of the Truth and Tinsel book.  We’ll be doing all 24 days (or at least trying to!), but you can pick and choose as you like or do the most important days (Amanda has an alternative 6-day schedule mapped out in the book).

Today’s Ornament: Tissue Paper with Candle

Check the Truth in Tinsel. book for Scripture that coordinates with this project and for a discussion guide with your kids.

You start off with a piece of black construction paper, and trace the template on it twice.  I wanted it to be a little more personal for my daughter, and since she can’t use scissors, I let her color the black paper before we cut.

If you fold over the paper on itself, you can cut out two of the candles lickity-split!

Since she’s so young, I decided to let her try and paint the pieces on while the candle cut out sat on wax paper.  We spread modge podge all around (check out this site for how to make your own) and then let her stick the colored paper wherever. I also let the girls (A. had a friend over) rip the tissue paper up themselves.  Fun!

Just make sure to pick the ornament up within 5 minutes or it will stick to the parchment paper.

Sticky mess!

Here’s the (almost) finished project.  We have to trim the edges and put contact paper over it, but you get the idea!  We let ours dry on the parchment paper, just remember to flip after 5-10 minutes to keep it from sticking!

Have fun!

Tips from the Trenches

We also did this project last night at Kids for Christ (our mid-week program).  Our elementary teacher expert Jen suggested making a yellow circle that fits inside the template first.  Have kids glue tissue paper or construction paper (we used construction paper — less messy!) on both sides and then glue the candle on either side.  It makes it a lot more sturdy too.  Thanks for the tips Jen!!

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