Don’t Eat the Paint!

Don’t Eat the Paint!

Truth in Tinsel: Day Two

Today’s ornament: Crown

This ornament was a little more my daughter’s speed.  She’s pretty much obsessed with painting right now, so she loved slathering paint all over the toilet paper roll.

I let her paint the whole thing and then when it dried, I cut it and added the jewels to it.

She really enjoyed this project, though I’m not sure she didn’t eat some of the paint while I was distracted with the baby. Oops.

Here’s some pictures of our fun:


I always have my (almost) 2 year old paint with a cookie tray.  Less gets on the table and everywhere else.  Plus, no paper to waste!

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  1. Great post just subscribed 🙂

  2. I love this! I wasn’t organized enough this year, but I’d like to do a more intentional Advent next year with Levi (and Judah). I’m hearing great things about the Truth in the Tinsel!!

  3. “Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!”
    This is such a funny post. Adorable!

  4. She looks so focused , I think she will be a very creative person , probably just like her mother 🙂
    agnes recently posted..Cool Sketches To Draw

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