Truth in Tinsel: Week One Highlights

Truth in Tinsel: Week One Highlights

Have you checked out the Truth in the Tinsel ebook yet?

It is one of THE BEST resources I’ve seen for very young children during the Advent season.  It’s great way to slow down and savor the month of December (hard task!) and to really focus on the true Christmas story in the weeks leading up to the celebration of Christ’s birth.   Here are some highlights from the first year we went through the book.

Truth in Tinsel


Want a quick snapshot of the first week in Truth in Tinsel?  Then you’ve come to the right place! I won’t go into detail about how to do each craft (hopefully you’ve already bought the book and have all the instructions anyway!).

Day One: Jesus is the Light of the World

Check out my full post about this project if you’d like.   Grab the book The Light of the World: The Life of Jesus for Children to go along with this project!

Day Two: Jesus is King

In day two of Truth in Tinsel, we learn that Jesus is King!  I love this craft because it is simple and easy for almost any age.  We recently had a Christmas party at the house and everyone loved this one!  Crowded around the table were 9 kids ages 18 months to 2nd grade and everyone loved the project.

Alas, we did use a lot of glitter during that party!

Finished Crown!

Day Three: Zechariah

We ended up running out of time today, so we didn’t get to this project.  Sad!

Day Four: Angel

We already had an angel on the tree from last year’s adventures, so we just reviewed the story using the Jesus Storybook Bible.   Abigail’s been very interested in angels lately, so this was an especially compelling story for her!

Day Five and Six: Mary and Elizabeth

Since Mary and Elizabeth were both included on the day six template, we just combined these projects and skipped making a separate Mary.  One day five we painted and constructed the ladies and then on day six we role played using our new characters (I put them on Popsicle sticks for easy handling).  This was such a rewarding day I might put up a separate post.  It was so fun hearing the kids retell the story with the puppets.

Day Seven: Mary’s Song

For these CD’s, we used stickers to decorate the CD’s.  It worked great!

So what are you waiting for?


Truth in Tinsel

It’s not too late!


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* This post was originally posted in 2012.  I republished this year for any new readers who might not have seen it the first time around.

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  1. I love this idea of taking time each day in the season to create such meaningful crafts to remind us all of why we really celebrate!
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