Getting Started with a Check in System

Getting Started with a Check in System

We’ve officially made a move towards getting started with a check-in system.   This week, I introduced the concept to parents with a very simple sign in/sign out system for our elementary aged kids.

I made a Chart which has the child’s name and a place for parents to sign them in and out. I was a little nervous because I hadn’t “prepared” any parents for this change — no formal announcment or anything.

Getting Started with a Security System

As they dropped their kids off, I just walked up and said, “We’re starting a new sign-in/sign-out system and could you sign here?” The parents were completely fine with the whole thing. No “Why are we doing this?” No “Are you kidding, there aren’t that many kids here” (we have about 20 in attendance).

So, for those of you who are worried about parents getting uptight — don’t worry! I think most parents want their kids to be safe and this is how they will view the new system.   If you’re wondering when to start using a check in system — I would start immediately, no matter what you’re size.  It’s always better to have a system in place before you need it then to introduce one because of something that has gone wrong.   A check-in system gives extra reassurance to new-coming parents and it helps people in your congregation know that you take safety seriously.   If you don’t want to dish out a lot of money at the beginning, you can start with a simple chart like we did or with matching stickers (read more below).

June 2014 Update: 

Since publishing this post, we have used both Nursery Label Stickers and most recently, the KidCheck system.  Read all about both of these systems by clicking on the links.


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  1. Isn’t funny when we’re nervous about implementing something new because you haven’t “prepared” anyone for it and nobody really says anything. I’m interested to see what kind of response you get back as you stay consistent with this new procedure…keep us posted!

  2. I know what you mean. I had the sign-in/sign out sheet up again this week, but just had it on a podium instead of holding it and walking around to parents to have them sign. I just directed them to it and had them sign. Still very pleasant about the whole thing. I’m not quite sure though, how this is helping our “security”. I know we should strart before security is a problem (while the numbers are still small), but I’m just wondering how a sign-in/sign-out sheet keeps kids any safer. Also, why is it that churches are held to this high standard when it comes to kids’ safety — not that I’m opposed to it, but I just see kids running around on playgrounds at schools (without fences or security systems) and kids running out the building after school, etc and I’m wondering why we “need” to have security in place when these schools don’t. I know I feel ridiculous having parents sign their kids in and out, so how do they parents really feel about the whole thing?

  3. As a parent yourself, how would you feel? Many schools do have security systems in place to help protect the kids. I teach at a small school and even we have security cameras everywhere. While you may not see it, there are teachers who supervise recess and are always on the alert for children putting themselves in dangerous positions or potential problems coming. Some schools even do have fences around their playgrounds.

    The going home is a separate issue because students are no longer under the care of the school, although we do have special circumstances where we are to not allow certain kids to leave with certain parents. Teachers are alerted to this and keep watch.

    Keep strong with the sign-in / sign-out process. What it is doing for you is creating a paper trail of who comes and gets the kids. If something would ever happen where a kid goes missing (hopefully it never will) you will have a record of who came and got that child. While you may not see the benefits now, keep with it, it may pay off in the end!