TV Free: Spring Cleaning

TV Free: Spring Cleaning

Wow, can you believe it’s Thursday already?  Hopefully, your week has been flying by.  With Easter Egg Hunt prep and Family Fun Night all this week, I know our week certainly has blasted past.   Are you still going “screen-free” strong?

There’s been no TV for us, but our Netflix arrived in the mail this morning and Mike was begging to “take a little break from this crazy week”.  Oh boy.  Needless to say, we’re still going strong.  I do have to confess though, I watched a little TV while in the waiting room at the doctor’s today.  Oops!

What about you?  What have been your favorite activities so far?  What’s been the toughest part of being tv-free?

For today, tackle some of those long-put-off projects.  If the weather where you are is like it is here, today is the perfect day to get a few things done.  Here’s a few ideas to get your brain rolling:

  • Clean out the car, seriously.  Ours is looking beyond pitiful, with cracker crumbs and stray diapers everywhere.  Through out the trash, and give it a good vacuum.
  • Clean out the closets.  If you haven’t worn it in the last three months, admit it — you don’t like it! Just get rid of it. Pare down the kids’ clothes while you’re at it too.
  • Clean out a few drawers, whether its the kitchen “junk drawer” or a few overflowing desk drawers — you’ll be glad you did.
  • Put those photos in an album!  Let the kids pick out their favorites and make it a family project.
  • If you’re a bit more high-tech, wait till the kids are in bed and make a Picaboo album.  Right now, you can get 25% to 40% off any album. We’ve made a few, and they are beautiful!  Or buy one get one free at Seehere.
  • Clean off the grill and get the tank filled — BBQ, here we come!
  • Clean out the kid’s toys — take the extras to a shelter or thrift store.
  • Clean out the clutter.  You know the room, the corner, the space that you always avoid.  It’s usually just too much to tackle.  Take 15-30 minutes today and make a dent.
  • Wash the sheets, and the comforters.  Ah, breath that in.
  • When you’re all done, take a walk outside and enjoy the fresh air!

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