Screen Free Fun for the Family!

Screen Free Fun for the Family!

It’s here again! That wonderful time of year that we turn off our sets for a week and concentrate on some quality family time! I can’t believe it snuck up on me like this (it actually started April 19th!). In order to fully celebrate, I would encourage you to pick out a week and abstain from all “moving media” (that means hulu and youtube along with regular TV). Now what to do instead?
With Earth day just behind us, it’s a great idea to head outside and enjoy God’s creation! Here’s some ideas for young and old alike:

  • Jump! Whether you call it skipping rope or jump roping, it’s a great activity to improve strength and fitness and can be performed on grass or pavement.
  • Retreat to the Beach. Or, instead of driving to the beach, recreate a piece of the coast’s serene atmosphere with a sandbox in the yard.

Head to the Beach!

  • Be Farm and Garden Fresh. Get to know your local farmer and enlist the kids to join you at the local farmers’ markets. Better yet, plant your own garden that everyone can care for and enjoy all season long.
  • Let’s Go Fly a Kite! Show the kids how to soar into a colorful sky with only the force of nature to power your kite. A centuries-old activity, kite flying can be enjoyed at any age—with a little wind, of course!
  • Give Back. Gather the family for a volunteer day dedicated to beautifying the earth. Many communities have organizations that champion environmental protection and regularly organize events like stream and trail clean-ups.


  • Be Bubbly! Invite the neighbors to create bubble wands out of objects found around the house like straws, pipe cleaners, strawberry baskets and coat hangers. Take the kids outside and have your own bubble party!
  • Take a Hike. Locate a nature trail near you and take the kids on a woodsy adventure. Hiking is a group activity that provides great exercise and hands-on experiences with the natural world.
  • Start a Kickball Game. All it takes is a rubber playground ball, make-shift bases and some friends to start a kickball game. Create a neighborhood tournament and coach the kids though innings of bouncing fun.
  • Catch and Release. Butterflies are some of nature’s most beautiful creatures, although they aren’t easy to observe when they flutter in the sky. Using an insect or butterfly net, capture them and show the kids how to appreciate their beauty up close. Then let them loose.

Catch a Butterfly!

What’s So Great about Turnoff Week?

Turning off the screen gives us time to think, read, create, and do the things we “never have time for”.  You might be surprised what you can accomplish without the distraction of TV.  If you want to get really radical, take a break from facebook too!

Alternative Activities Ideas from:

  • Attend community concerts.
  • Organize a community clean-up.
  • Put together a puzzle.
  • Visit the library. Borrow a book. Attend library activities.
  • Visit the zoo.
  • Paint a picture, a mural or a room.
  • Attend a high school sporting event.
  • Go swimming.
  • Plan a picnic or barbecue.
  • Go bird watching.
  • Write a letter to a friend or relative.
  • Try a new recipe together .
  • Read magazines or newspapers.
  • Plan a slumber party.
  • Go camping (in the backyard!)
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