Taking the Crafts up a Notch!

Taking the Crafts up a Notch!

Recently, we had our first night of Summer Blast! As I’ve mentioned before, I love how VBS (or a VBS alternative) draws so much of the congregation into serving.  This year, I had a few people sign up who I hadn’t gotten the opportunity to meet before, including a lady named Pat.  Pat showed up about a half an hour early the first night to get a tour and the basic layout of the night. I quickly explained her craft, and then headed off to song team practice.

When I came back around later in the night, I was amazed at what she and Darlene (her project partner) had done with the activity.

Here was the sample craft I gave them:


And here’s what the kids produced under their guidance:

Isn’t that cool?

For the littlest kids, they made a “connect the dots” style of lettering so they kids could “write their own” verse.  For the older kids, they did all kinds of embellishments with paints and markers to make it a truly spectacular craft.   Truthfully, I didn’t think the activity would fly with kids over five.  After all, it was a craft my two year old could do!  However, it turned into a super popular station.

I’m so grateful that God made us all different and I am constantly amazed at the gifts and talents people around me have!  Pat had been the director of Children’s Church at her previous church for 20 years and I am eager to hear some of her ideas and wisdom.

What About You?

What kind of gifts and talents have you discovered while working with people in your congregation? What ways do you encourage people to share their skills in church?  Leave me a comment and let me know or leave a link to a related post!

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