Use Fotor for Amazing Invitations!

Use Fotor for Amazing Invitations!

If your ministry is anything like ours, you’re constantly making invitations for upcoming events, flyers filled with information you’d like parents to know, or even memory verse cards for kids to post on the fridge.  Of course, you could make these things up in a program like Microsoft Word (boring!), or you could use an online photo editing program like Fotor.

If you want to draft up a quick invitation, head on over to the invitation template page for tons of graphics that are ready to go.  Just plug in your information and hit print.  It’s a great card maker as well! For example, I made the invitation below in about 5 minutes.

Need some inspiration?  You can check out the Fotor blog and learn how to make graphics that are eye-catching and fit with your organization’s culture. I also love the collage feature — perfect for posting a bunch of pictures after an event or even for making a fun Christmas gift for the kids in your Sunday School class.

I’ve even used it to make facebook images for my recent giveaways over on the Growing Kids Ministry facebook page.  I love the stickers that you can add to any template and how every single piece is easy to customize.  Check out the fun graphic below!

I also made the one below by putting all the ornament stickers along the top.  Very fun!

You can also jazz up your own photos with fun Christmas stickers.  Check out the before and after of the picture below!

If you’re looking for a quick way to edit photos, enhance flyers, and bring a general element of fun to your announcements — be sure to check out Fotor!


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  1. I love the idea of making fun photos with apps like Fotor.

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