Using Pizza to Rake in the Dough!

Is your youth group or children’s ministry looking for a great fundraiser that people will actually WANT to participate in? Head to your local Pizza Hut for a great fundraising activity!  Here’s the deal:

  • Pizza Hut hosts the buffet (usually on a Tuesday night) from 5:00 – 8:00PM
  • Your organization/youth group acts as hostess, bus boys, waiters, and waitress (drinks, cleaning off tables, etc)
  • Pizza Hut takes care of all food prep and clean up
  • Your group gets 15% of all buffet sales and 100% of all tips!
  • Easy, quick, no overhead, and something that will actually benefit people (unlike some $7 roll of wrapping paper!)

Our youth group just hosted a buffet and made about $850 towards camp!  They had about $150 in buffet sales and over $700 in tips!  A great big thanks goes out to the church family who came in droves (literally!) to support the youth group.

Everything went really smoothly.  The teens worked their tales off and it was a completely painless process (unlike some other fundraisers!).  Give it a try for your group!

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