What a Spy Taught Us About the Bible

What a Spy Taught Us About the Bible

Spy Guy Visits the Classroom

We’ve been using a curriculum called “The Zoo” for our midweek program. (This is a wonderful resource for smaller/midsize churches. It’s free!) The curriculum runs in themes, with each theme lasting about three weeks. Currently we’re working on “Secret Agent/Mission Impossible” theme. The lessons call for an amateur video to be shot of “Spy Guy” explaining some things about the Bible. I asked one of the dads to be Spy Guy and not only did he agree, he shot the entire video himself and edited it into a complete masterpiece. I couldn’t believe it! Check it out for yourself below. I was amazed at how involved and ambitious this dad was about this video. (Just goes to show you don’t know what you’ll get until you ask — we have such untapped resources out there!)


The Kids React

We showed the first video and the kids were enthralled. Normally a little rambunctious, the kids took on a studious attitude after hearing Spy Guy’s instructions. They dug into their Bibles and were very interested in finding the memory verse. The next week, the number of Bibles almost doubled and those who didn’t have theirs were begging to use the classroom Bibles. I announced another video and cheers erupted. We had two of our teachers/leaders help with this second video and the kids could not believe that they were actually in the video. They kept asking, “Is that REALLY Mr. Mike in there?” “How did he get in the TV?”. I hadn’t anticipated this, and it was a delightful additional response to the already popular video series. The kids really listened too, and were able to repeat back the “secret message” that Spy Guy was investigating. Next week, Spy Guy is revealed, and I can’t wait to see how the kids respond.

Digging into the Bible

Consider Using Video

If you’re not using video in your program, I would encourage you to try to throw some in where you can. Feel free to use the first Spy Guy video — it could be easily adapted to fit any “learning to study the Bible” lesson. Who knows, maybe you have a real tech-savvy guy in your congregation too and he would love to be involved in the ministry in this way.

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