Volunteer Appreciation Mugs

Volunteer Appreciation Mugs

The 2013 National Volunteer Appreciation Week is April 21-27 and it’s a perfect time to show your team how great they really are!  I have to tell you, I have an amazing Children’s Ministry team — they work hard, have fun, and are always coming up with great ideas.    That’s why I try hard to make sure they know how grateful I am to have them around.  Here’s one project I recently completed to thank the team for their excellent service.

Memory Verse Mugs 

Volunteer Appreciation Mug



What You Do:

I decided to write each team member’s favorite verse on the mug, so first I needed a super secret way to acquire his information.  I sent around an email about a month before I started working on the mugs, asking for everyone’s favorite verse for a “special project” for our Wednesday night program.  I’m not sure if this was actually a lie or not.  🙂

Once I secured everyone’s verse, I got to work writing them out on mug.  I wasn’t crazy about the tips on the paint markers, to I gave the Sharpie Permanent Markers, Fine Point a try, but I have since heard that these did indeed wash off after about 10 washes so I wouldn’t recommend it.

The paint markers took a little while to dry, which was nice for me because I could wipe off the mug and start again if I didn’t like how it turned out.  After the writing was done, I put all the mugs on a cookie sheet and put them in a COLD oven.

Volunteer Appreciation Mug


Turn the oven on to 400 and then turn it off in about 30 minutes.  Leave the mugs in the over until completely cool again.



Just FYI, I wrote the verse on the front of the mug and the Scripture reference on the back.  Then, I filled the mugs with some little candies and chocolates and passed with them.

I’ve heard good things, so I hope everyone liked them!

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