Voyage with the Vikings: Book Review

Voyage with the Vikings: Book Review

Peril.  Suspense.  Intrigue, and of course imagination! In the first book of this Adventures in Odyssey series, authors Marianne Hering and Paul McCusker capture the reader’s attention immediately.  If you’re looking for a book series for your preteen (especially boys!), this may be the ticket.

In this high-seas adventure, cousins Beth and Patrick visit Whit’s End on an ordinary Monday.  The day soon develops into an extraordinary experience as the kids take a ride in the Imagination Station in order to find a Viking Sunstone and to help save Whit’s friend, Albert.

The cousins encounter a few fierce Vikings, a few kind-hearted ones and some interesting sights and sounds.   They learn the value of friendship, forgiveness, and the art of making tough decisions.   They see how becoming a Christian can transform a person’s life and they learn how helping others sometimes requires sacrifice.  This book provides great talking points for preteens and their parents.  I would recommend it to anyone who  has a love for adventure!

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