We are AWANA Cubbies!

We are AWANA Cubbies!

I opened my front door to see a giant “Blogger Box” on my front porch.  I’m always a fan of packages, but this one was an exceptionally fun surprise.  I quickly cut open the box to find a myriad of treasures inside.

Awana Sample Box (2)

As you can see, my own two children were perched on the edge waiting to get their hands on the goodies!  This box was filled with puppets, a curriculum book, shirts, badges, large story pictures, postcards, and more!  Here’s a few more pictures to show you the goods!

Awana Sample Box (7)

Isn’t that cubby shirt ADORABLE?   And who doesn’t want another tote bag, right?

Awana Sample Box (12)

When a church goes AWANA, it goes in all the way.  You wear AWANA, you teach AWANA,  you mail AWANA postcards and you even write with AWANA pens.  It’s serious, folks!

I was an AWANA girl myself as a child, so I almost teared up when I pulled the tiny vest from the box.  Of course, I had to have my little Chipmunk try it on (age 3).

Awana Sample Box (11)

She wasn’t as entralled as me.

Personally, I love the idea of vests and earning badges, but I’m not sure the kids at my churches would embrace it.   There was a preschool book included in the kit, and since my kids are preschool age, we decided to take a closer look as a family.  My husband and I have been looking for a good family devotional book for some time, but couldn’t seem to find anything that seemed like a good fit.   The first night we started reading the AWANA Cubbies book, it was obvious the book was going to be a hit.   The next day, I heard echoes from the night’s storyline intertwined throughout playtime.   As we headed up the stairs for bed that night, Chipmunk was begging to hear more about “Timothy and Cubby”.

As a parent, I’m impressed with the book.  The story is engaging and directly related to the day’s Scripture.  You are encouraged to read directly from the Bible and the lessons are easy for a preschooler to grasp.  It wasn’t until day three that we discovered the accompanying CD (80 tracks!) and now we play that each night after reading from the book.  The CD is terrific and I love that the kids are falling asleep each night hearing God’s Word.  Even if it doesn’t end up being a good fit for our church, I hope I can keep on buying these books for our own house!

I think the preschool class would really like the program (especially with the amazing puppets that come with the curriculum), but I’m not sure how well it would be received after that (into elementary age).  There’s just something about the vests that kids seem to rebel against.  I’m not sure how the entire AWANA program works — can you do it just for the preschoolers and do something different for the older kids?  How long do the vests go on?  I hope to talk to a representative this week and ask them a few questions.

Either way, I can tell that AWANA is serious about reaching kids.  Their graphics are modern and attractive and they are now using the ESV of the Bible througout the curriculum.  The content itself is Biblical and engaging and a lot of fun. I have to admit, I’ve always viewed AWANA as sort of an “old fashioned” program, but I can see now that this is certainly not the case.  I’ll be taking a closer look for sure!

What About You?

Do you use AWANA?  What do you think of the content?  How do the kids at church like it?

P.S.  On day five of using the book in our own house for night time Bible reading, my two year old starting saying the “Cubby Motto” which is “Jesus Loves Me”.  Last night, I heard him as he was falling asleep saying it over and over again as he pointed to himself.  That’s what I like to hear!!

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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one that teared up seeing the Cubbies vest on my kid too! As for the older ages, starting at kindergarten, the kids go into Sparks, which is similar to Cubbies, but they earn jewels, instead of patches. They also become competitive with games, and AWANA Olympics, in which you the compete against other churches. They also have a boat race night, similar to pine wood derby for the Boy Scouts. After 3rd grade, the nix the vests and move the kids into TnT, which is then geared towards the older kids. Our church does it, and the turnout is incredible, it is a great community outreach program, as we tend to see a lot of kids who don’t come to church, participate in this program. We love it! 🙂

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