We’re Back with the Catechism! (Abraham and Learning How to Obey God)

We’re Back with the Catechism! (Abraham and Learning How to Obey God)

It’s a new school year and time to jump back into our Question and Answer lessons. This last Spring, we tackled questions # 1-13 of the Catechism for Boys and Girls (check out the lesson Round Up here).  This Fall, we’ll be diving into questions #14 – 33 which deal specifically with Scripture, Adam and Eve, and God’s Covenant with his people.   A handout of all our questions is coming soon!

This week, we’ll be focusing on Question #14:

  • Q: Where do you learn how to love and obey God?
  • A: In the Bible

Where do you you learn how to love Q14


The supporting Scripture is Psalm 119:17b which is “I will obey your word.”

We’ll be reading through Genesis 12 and 13 — the story of Abraham taking a great journey.  If you’ve ever moved, you know how stressful it is to pack everything up and head to a new location.  Just imagine if you only had camels and carts to help you instead of a moving van?  And imagine if you had no idea where you were even headed!

When God told Abraham to move, He promised to take care of him and give a place to live, but Abraham didn’t get a lot more details.  The traveled, set up tents, and traveled some more, totally directed by God.

God spoke directly to Abraham and we don’t often have that luxury in these days, but the Bible does give us clear direction on how to live.  When we obey God’s Word, we show that we love and trust him (and we shine our lights for others to see!)

Coordinating Abraham Crafts

  • Make a map to follow. Maybe have a prize that marks the spot!
  • God showed Abraham the stars at night. Fold different shaped stars and hang up in the room. Some Dollar Stores have “Glow in the Dark” stars that the kids would love!
  • Make stars out of glue on black construction paper. Sprinkle with salt or sugar to glisten. Write the verse on the paper with a white crayon.  Find several different ways to fold and make starts on the DLTK site.

  • Take your stars and make a mobile out of them!  Find more details at Fun Frugal Homeschool or make a salt dough mobile with direction from Proverbs 31 Mama.
  • Steps of Faith – The children will trace their feet/shoes on to paper in this activity. Remind the children that having faith in God, and obeying God,
    sometimes means stepping out in faith, just like Abraham did. “We step with our feet. Abraham and his family walked a long way to the Promised Land. Let’s trace our feet on to this paper to remind us that sometimes having faith means stepping out and doing something new.” Allow the children to stand on the pieces of paper and trace the outlines of their shoes (or feet) on the paper. They may also color in the outlines.

Abraham and the Stars (Trusting and Obeying God)

Bottle -of -sand

Coordinating Abraham Games and Activities

  • Play a game of “Follow the Leader” with your kids and talk about how Abraham followed God.

Blindfold Trust Walk

  • Blindfold half the kids and let the other half lead them around. Remind them that they will switch places in a couple of minutes. Talk about how it felt to be led and not know where you are going. Talk about how Abraham and Sarah must have felt, following God and not knowing where they were going.
  • Abraham listened to God. Talk to the kids about how they can listen to God.  Play a telephone came and talk about how it’s hard to understand what God is saying.  Explain how the Bible can give us clarity.
  • Abraham and his family lived in tents. Let the kids help you set up a tent to retell the story.  If you don’t have a tent, use sheets and drape over a table.

Abram and Sarah worksheets


Coordinating Psalm 119 Crafts

Unlike Abraham, we don’t usually get to hear God’s voice audibly, but we can hide God’s word in our heart to give us direction.   Use the craft below to drive the point home or grab this coloring page from Practical Pages instead. 

hidden in your heart – Psalm 119:11

 Grab some neon paint and do this feet-based activity!

Coordinating Psalm 119 Games and Activities

Complimentary Lessons (where I found most activities)

Songs to Sing or Listen To:




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