We’re Headed to Texas!

We’re Headed to Texas!

My husband and I have been blessed with the opportunity to head to Texas TODAY to attend the Parent Summit at Kingsland Baptist Church, the original founders of the Milestone Method.  Former associate pastor (he now has taken his own church) Brian Haynes authored the book Shift: What it Takes to Finally Reach Families Today, which details how to implement this program in your church.   The book speaks of the Parent Summer, an event that takes place once every six months at Kingsland Baptist.  A keynote speaker gives parents ideas on how to become spiritual leaders in their homes.  Parents are also able to attend seminars based on whichever milestone their children are approaching.

We’ll be headed to both the Parent Summit and the Pastor Track to talk with ministry leaders at Kingsland to see how to begin implementing a program like this at our church.  I am thrilled about taking this step towards more holistic ministry in our church and am very grateful for the opportunity to learn from some of the experts first hand.

Stay tuned for more details.  You can also check out the Legacy Milestones website or pick up the Shift book to learn more!

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