What a GrUVy Summer!

What a GrUVy Summer!

How’s your summer going so far?  Pretty hot?  Yeah, us too.

We love using WATER to keep cool in the summer (you too?)  Sprinklers, kiddie pools, the neighbors “real” pool, water play — you name it, we’re in.  That’s why I was SUPER THRILLED to be chosen to try out a swimsuit from GrUVyWear for my two year old daughter.  GrUVyWear swim clothes are made from comfortable, quick-drying fabric and provide a UPF (Ultravoilet Protection Factor) of 50+, which means it blocks about 97.5% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.  A normal t-shirt only provides a UPF rating of about 7.  I’m impressed.

Know what’s even more impressive?  Not having to wrangle little swimsuits straps, hoping to get sunscreen on every last inch of a squirmy kid’s shoulders and back.  It was such a relief to not have to worry about applying and reapplying sunscreen, and my crazy adventurer was protected the whole time we were outside.  Not only that, but the suit is adorable.  Take a look!

Isn’t that adorable?

Staying cool in the water!

Know what’s even cooler?  A coupon code that will save you 15% of any order!  Just use SAVE1536. Check out their totally cool products on the GrUVyWear website!

We’ve already worn and washed it three times and it’s holding up great.  I love the look of the little skirt and it’s especially helpful for a newly potty-trained kid!   Way easier to get off than her one-piece suits.  The fabric is super lightweight and my daughter didn’t mind wearing it at all.  In fact, we were at a pool party today and she kept the GrUVyWear on for 3 hours after we got home.  She didn’t want to take it off!

If you’re looking to eliminate some of the sunscreen hassle from your schedule, I would definitely recommend GrUVy Wear.  I’m a big fan!

**I received a complimentary outfit from GrUVyWear in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.**

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  1. Aw! This is too cute, Lindsey! Love it! 🙂

    Aren’t those collages fun!?
    Rissi recently posted..The Image Issue

  2. What cutie pies. Hope their grandparents are close to enjoy them. 🙂
    Wanda recently posted..Child Discipleship: Legalism Begins In Children’s Ministry

  3. What beautiful kids. Ironically enough, my kids hate playing in water, but they LOVE being outside…
    Jess recently posted..How Much Money Did I Earn in June?

  4. Jess, we spend a lot of time outside too! Which makes grUVywear so perfect. The backyard is almost all shade in the afternoon and way cooler than the house! What do you guys do to stay cool?

  5. They sure are, and there’s often a fight over who gets more snuggles! 🙂

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