What Bible is Best for my Child?

What Bible is Best for my Child?

Parents often want to know which Bible is the best to get for their children.  The short answer is, whatever one they will read!   Feel free to try out a few.  It’s worth the investment.  Here are some of my personal favorites:

I recommend an easy to read translation Bible for your kids.  That’s top priority.  If it has some cool Bible tools in it such as devotionals, index, maps, etc – that’s a bonus.  Some easy to read translations include: NIV (New International Version), CEV (Contempary English Version), and TNIV (Today’s New International Version).    I would steer clear of “paraphrase” Bibles as your main Bible since it’s not a direct translation.  Paraphrase translations include NLT (New Living Translation) and the Message.

Cool Bible Tools: What’s that all about?

We’ve been learning about a lot of cool Bible tools in Kids for Christ.  The main ones are:

  • Atlases
  • Bible Translations
  • Concordances
  • Dictionaries

My Favorite Cool Bible Tools

There are lots of cool Bible tools out there, many of which are now being made just for kids! Here are some of my favorites:

Most of these can be found on Amazon.  Be sure to leave a comment if you’ve found a great Bible or Bible tool!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. We are always looking for excellent resources to share with family.

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