What is God? (Teaching the Catechism in a Protestant Church)

What is God? (Teaching the Catechism in a Protestant Church)

We’ve been working our way through the Children’s Catechism (based on the Westminster Shorter Catechism) in our midweek program.  If you’re dropping in for the first time,  check out the previous posts:

This week, we’ll be covering Q&A #9: What is God?

  • Q: What is God?
  • A: God is a Spirit and does not have a body like men.

Our key passage is Mark 1 when Jesus was baptized and all three persons of the Trinity showed up.    The key thoughts in the lesson are that Jesus showed us what God was like during his time on earth and that the Holy Spirit helps us by changing our hearts and guiding our behavior.   Even if we can’t see God, He’s still constantly working in our lives.

Here’s some crafts and activities to do in conjunction with the lesson.  Don’t forget to spend some time in prayer, asking God to show you what your small group really needs to hear about.

Games and Activities

Dig Deep

Holy Spirit Bible lessons for children

Use this set of lessons from Ministry to Children to dig deep into Scriptures and find out more about the Holy Spirit.

Three Legged Race

Three Legged Race

To remind us of the three persons of God!

Photo Credit: Flickr by Linda Thomas

Wet Paper Towel Object Lesson

Paper Towel

 Idea from Ministry to Children

Photo from Flickr

Make Some Kool-Aid

Making Kool-Aid

Check out the directions at Stand for Kids to find out how Kool-Aid can teach us about the Trinity.

Photo Credit: Amy Meredith (Flickr)

Fly a Kite

Kite Flying

God is a lot like the wind.  We can feel the wind and see the effects of the wind, but the wind itself is invisible.  Remind kids about the power of the wind by flying a kite together!   Photo Credit: “Kite in the sky” by Karen Blaha (Flickr)

Learn More About the Holy Spirit

Check out these lessons all about the Holy Spirit for a few ideas.  Disclaimer: I did not preview these lessons and do not necessarily endorse the theology.    Use your own judgement.  🙂

Crafts and Projects

Popsicle Stick Baptism Craft

Lesson 6 John Baptizes Jesus:  Matt 3, Mark 1, Luke 3, John 1 - Jesus' baptism using upside down blue paper cup and popsicle stick

Spotted this on Pinterest, but haven’t been able to find the original source or where to find the artwork for this.  I’ll keep working!

Mystery Watercolor Holy Spirit Dove

Check out the full instructions at Love N Loot

Paper Plate Dove

Paper Plate Dove

Check out Art Everywhere for instructions or this site for another pattern to use.

Songs to Sing

  • We Believe by the Newsboys
  • My God Can by Amber Sky Records
  • Stand by Amber Sky Records
  • I Believe in Jesus by Tru (David C. Cook)
  • God is Always With Us by Group

More Stuff to Check Out

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