What Readers Are Saying about The Imagination Station Series

What Readers Are Saying about The Imagination Station Series

Did you catch the reviews of Showdown with the Shepherd and Problems at Plymouth recently?  Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a chance to win your own copy of the books (contest ends November 15th).  Check out what other readers are saying about this great series!

Money-Saving Mom

If you’re looking for a good read-aloud for your children, I highly recommend these books. Our children
have been riveted and on the edge of their seats through each and every chapter. In fact, we usually
read no less than five to eight chapters as a time because I can’t bear to say no to their begging for me
to read more.

Life as Mom

The books are easy to read as well as intriguing to kids and adults alike, making for a fun family read aloud.

A Peek at My Bookshelf

These books are engaging, filled with just the right amount of adventure and mystery, but also with important historical detail.

Christy’s Book Blog

Mia and I have read several in the Magic Tree House series, to which this is certain to be compared, but Imagination Station is far superior. The writing doesn’t talk down to readers, the plots are thoroughly engaging while using historical characters. They give kids a good view of what life was like at the time, because Patrick and Beth are treated like children of the era. … This is one series that I don’t dread reading aloud with my daughter each night.

From Mia, age 6: I liked everything about this book, especially being able to go to the past. My favorite part was the mysterious person who helped them open the church door. I loved the illustrations and the author is magnificent at his writing. I learned that God should forever be in your path. I really like that all of these books are Jesus books.

Karen in Mommyland:

This series has the potential to appeal to both boys and girls. I particularly like series which try to engage children of both genders. … This series isn’t dripping in history quite as much as the Magic Tree House series, but it has a nice healthy dose of it that carries the potential to spark an interest in history for young children. The book’s Christian message is subtle. I have read other books for children where the religious message feels heavy handed and forced. This is not the case with this series. The message is there, but it does not try to shove anything down the readers throat.

My Buckling Bookshelf:

Mom and Dad, if you’re looking for fun, engaging books to keep your child reading then look no further than these Imagination Station books from Adventures in Odyssey. They’re fast paced and easy to read (with pictures, too), and have an air of mystery that will keep your child turning pages. Another bonus…they’re exploring the annals of history with the element of faith! I really enjoyed seeing how the message of Christ was woven through each story.

My Memphis Mommy:

As a parent I love that the Web site is very family friendly and gives lots of great resources for engaging your child further with the story lines. My husband and I appreciate this series as it shares our biblical worldview and has value based lessons through out the story. We also love that it teaches her historical facts in an exciting and fun way! She literally could not put the books down and once she was finished reading it was all she talked about it.

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