What We’re Reading Wednesday

What We’re Reading Wednesday

Thanks for stopping by!  I absolutely love sitting outside in the summer and reading while the kids run around and play.  The weather has turned a bit colder around here (Erie, PA), so I’m trying to cram in all the summer reading I can this week!

Our recent trip to the library left me hauling four bags of books home.  Guess I went a little crazy!!

What I’m Reading

Kidmin Leadership by Jim Wideman (and friends)

I was inspired by Brett Dumler to pick up the Jim Wideman book I bought awhile ago.   When I first purchased this book, I felt a little overwhelmed and couldn’t really get into it.  However, this time I flew through it.  The chapters are quick and each one focuses on one part of leadership.  The contributors to the book are members of Jim Wideman’s Infusion mentoring program, so it’s really interesting to see what each picked up from the experience (at least a small part!)  Certainly worth looking through!

How to Keep the “Good” in Your Boy by Dannah Gresh

I received a review copy of this book a LONG time ago, but then totally forgot about it.  Yikes!!  I started reading with diligence this week and am really surprised with the content of this book.  I’ve read Dannah Gresh before and like her work, but she’s really stepped up her game with this one.  It’s full of scientific discussion about hormones and the role they play in a young boy’s mind, actions, and attitude.  She talks about the importance of the mother-son relationship as well as the impact a father has.  It has some great tips and is definitely worth reading.   I think I’ll give away a copy of this at our church’s next Family Fun night!  (A more detailed review coming soon!)

Catching Fire (Hunger Games)

My husband and I just watched The Hunger Games movie the other night and though it was a little bloody for my taste, the story line intrigued me enough to borrow the second book through Amazon prime (I love Amazon Prime!!!).  I’m about a third of the way into it, and am really liking it.  It’s always an adjustment to go to the book format after watching a movie — the book is so much more detailed, but this one has been worth it so far.

The Busy Mom’s Book of Preschool Activities by Jamie Kyle McGillian

We’re sort of starting to homeschool this year with our 2.5 year old.  We’re setting aside an hour or so every day for structured learning.  Of course, I can’t do anything without checking out 15 books on the subject (hence the stuffed library bags), so I’ve got a lot of preschool books to browse in the next few weeks.   This one isn’t anything spectacular.  It’s got a few cute ideas like Jello Jiggler ABC’s or Family and Friends Phone book with pictures,but nothing you couldn’t find browsing Pinterest for a few minutes.  Wait–who browses Pinterest for a few minutes? That thing eats time for dinner (then posts the recipe!)  Hopefully the other books will be better!

What My Toddler is Reading

Big Bird’s Square Meal

Speaking of preschool, last week’s theme was shapes, so we’ve still got a bunch of shape books hanging around.   I like this one because it explains all the shapes as you go along, working them into the story instead of having to stop at every page asking “What shape is this”.  Great flow and very educational!

Speaking of preschool, if you want to follow along on our homeschool adventures, check out Kelli’s blog where I’m serving as a homeschool craft writer on Wednesdays!

Crackers, Pancakes, and Pizza

This one wasn’t one of my favorites, but Chipmunk seems to be entralled with it.  The premise is simple.. introduce a shape and then show a bunch of foods in that shape.  It would be great inspiration for lunches while you’re learning shapes.

Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot

This week’s preschool theme is The Three Little Pigs, so I thought I’d throw in a different version of the story for fun.  Personally, I think the story might be a little scary for two year olds, but my husband disagrees.  Chipmunk asks for it every night, so I guess it must not be too scary.   Great pictures and just the right length for a bedtime story!


What My Baby is Reading

Baby Signs

Little Monster has finally decided to pick up sign language (yeah!) with his first sign being “ice cream”. I guess he just needed the right motivation!  Now that he’s experienced the satisfaction of communicating, he’s been picking up other signs too.  This is a classic book (one we used a lot when I worked at Early Connections Day Care) and gives simple pictures for basic signs like eat, sleep, dog, cat, and help.   Great first birthday gift!

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