What Your Daughter Isn’t Telling You: Book Review

What Your Daughter Isn’t Telling You: Book Review

I found the book “What Your Son Isn’t Telling You” very insightful, so I decided to pick up the same type of book for the opposite gender.  A little while back I was running a pre-teen girl mentoring program and wanted a closer look at some of the typical issues girls this age were facing.  The book, “What Your Daughter Isn’t Telling You” by Susie Shellenberger and Kathy Gowler did a great job addressing this very thing.

Unlike the guy version of this book, “What Your Daughter…” didn’t focus mainly on sex and pornography.  Instead, it covered a wide range of topics and issues. A few examples include:

  • “Why Won’t She Talk To Me?”
  • Sex and Dating
  • Family Issues
  • “About Dad…”
  • Cutting and Eating Disorders
  • Drinking
  • Blending Families Situations

What’s Good About this Book:

  • Each chapter contains emails/letters from girls giving the reader a glimpse at a real-life situation
  • The authors suggest both proactive ways to prevent problems and ways to work on problems if they arise
  • Checklists and quizzes to help moms assess their relationship with their daughter
  • Simple activities a mom could do today to boost communication or bonding
  • Examples of tricky situations that could serve as great discussion starters between moms and daughters

What’s Not So Great:

  • This isn’t a super in-depth book.  Each topic is given a brief summary along with some suggestions to address the issues.  (Of course, this book doesn’t claim to be an in-depth analysis of teen problems either).

Overall, this is a great book for moms to pick up to become aware of some of the challenges teen (and preteen) girls face each day.  It strikes an excellent balance of being concerned and aware without becoming overprotective and suspicious of your teen.   I would definitely recommend it to moms of preteen girls or anyone who works with this age group.  Pick up your copy on Amazon or at Bethany House Publishers.


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