Fabulous Bible Video for Elementary Kids!

Once again, I am astonished by the amount of information Phil Vischer and the crew have packed into this volume of “What’s in the Bible”.   The usual cast of Buck Denver, Sunday School lady, the Pirate, and the rest of the gang do a great job of uncovering all kinds of questions and answers about what was going on between the Old Testament and New Testament.   Historical background, cultural details, and all kinds of great information is laid out in order to give the viewer a much full picture of the New Testament and Scripture in general.  Check out the trailer:


The level of information is pretty intense and in-depth.  There was stuff I didn’t even know and I’m a Bible major!  The ideal age group for this would probably be age 8 and up, but the younger crew might like some parts of it.  Phil and the gang do a great job explaining the information in a way that’s easy to pick up and easy to remember.  For example, check out this video snippet about the Four Jewish Groups of Jesus’ day on this page.  You can check out a bunch of other video clips too and read the transcript if you want!

Coloring Pages

There are also a TON of coloring pages that accompany this volume. The coloring pages are high quality and are perfect for the Easter season coming up!  There are a few specific Easter-themed like crosses, the empty tomb, and Jesus praying in the garden — so check them out!

In conclusion, I’m always impressed with the videos in the series, but this one really took it over the top.  It is such a great resource for Sunday School teachers, parents, and Children’s Ministry people everywhere!  If you haven’t picked up your series yet, please use the code below and do so today!

Be sure to use this What’s In the Bible coupon code when you do your shopping!

Of course, you could also enter the giveaway on this blog and try to win yourself a volume or two!  Susan at What’s in the Bible kindly provided me with a Volume 10 (Life of Jesus) and Volume 1 (In the Beginning) to give away.  Just leave a comment below telling me your favorite Bible Story.  You can grab a bonus entries by tweeting once a day too (no need to tell me about it as long as the @lrwhitney shows up in the tweet).

Thanks and happy learning!


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  1. Frank Tan says:

    Lindsey, I’ve got lots of favorites. But if I were to choose, I’d pick Josiah, the boy king of Judah.

  2. Angel Jones says:

    Esther is my forever favorite.

  3. I love the story of Jesus walking on water.

  4. I like rainbows, so probably Noah’s Ark would be my favorite.

  5. Way to go, Angel! You win!!! I love the story of Esther as well. Congrats!!