What’s the Difference? {The Gathering 2013}

What’s the Difference? {The Gathering 2013}

Today, I attended Michelle Anthony’s Break-out session entitled, “So, What’s the Difference?  A Look At the Difference Between Christian Education and Spiritual Formation and What We Can Gain From Each”.   It’s a pretty packed title and it was a pretty packed break-out session.  I love hearing from Michelle because her style is a perfect blend of heart and intellect.    Michelle began her session with a brief history lesson about the Renaissance (from which came Spiritual Formation) and the Reformation (from which came Christian Education).   We also talked briefly about the advent of Sunday School in 1780 which was intended to educate the children who were involved in the labor force and couldn’t attend school during the week.

Though Spiritual Formation and Christian Education came from two very different origins, but are crucial in Children’s Ministry.  The following chart is very helpful in demonstrating some of the differences between the two methodologies.

Spiritual FOrmation Chart

After discussion the components of both, Michelle challenged us to think about an aspect of our ministry and determine which direction it leans.  She urged us to think of ways to create a balance of both Spiritual Formation and Christian Education.    Why don’t you try the same?  Do you lean more towards Spiritual Formation or Christian Education — what can you do to bring a better balance? Leave me a comment and share your thoughts!

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