Who Do We Think We’re Fooling?

Who Do We Think We’re Fooling?

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about Halloween this year.  Perhaps because I Fall Fest now have my own little rug-rat who will be asking about costumes and candy in a few short years.  Perhaps because I’ve been focusing a bit more on outreach lately.  At any rate, I was reading a post on Stuff Christians Like about the “Hybrid Halloween“.  Jon writes:

It’s not Halloween, it’s not. Is it held in October? Yes. Do kids get candy? Yes. Do kids dress up? Yes. Are there pumpkins involved? Yes. But it’s not Halloween, it’s a “Fall Festival.”

This is pretty much where our church is.  We provide a “Halloween Alternative” (not actually on Halloween, mind you, because the survey we passed out to church members reported that no one would actually skip trick-or-treating to come to the party).  We did the costumes, the fall games, and passed out loads of candy.   Then we condemned anyone who participated in Halloween outside the church. I always thought this might be confusing to unchurched people.   Heck, it’s a bit confusing to me.

This thought was confirmed last Friday when I was talking to one of the day care moms.  She told me about a time she was basically sentenced to hell by a co-worker because she was taking her four year old out trick-or-treating.  She heard the lecture about the evils of the holiday and then was kindly handed a flyer for the co-worker’s church Fall Fest.

Susan (daycare mom) asked: Oh, do they dress up here?

Co-worker:  Of course, and we pass out candy too!

Susan: So, it’s exactly like Halloween, just inside a church?

Co-worker:  No!  It’s nothing like Halloween.  It’s a Fall Fest!

All I could do was shake my head and agree.  I’m still not sure what to think about the whole Hybrid Halloween phenomenon.  I think our church will always do a “Fall Fest”. Our Pumpkin and Pajama party is scheduled for tonight, in fact.  However, I also chose to pass out candy (and flyers for the party) this year to the trick-or-treaters who came to our house.  I guess that’s a balance. For now, I’ll put it on the shelf and wrestle again with it next year!

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  1. At a church I used to attend, they held a fall festival for a couple of years. It didn’t “fool” anyone… even church members called it the Halloween party at church unless they were around other “church” people, then they politely corrected themselves, “oops, I mean Fall Festival”.

    Enjoy the year off until we all discuss this again 🙂

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