Who wrote the Bible? {Taking a Look at Moses, David, and Paul}

Who wrote the Bible? {Taking a Look at Moses, David, and Paul}

We’re back with our questions and answers for our midweek program at church! If you missed last week’s post, you can read all about Abraham and learning how to obey God here.  As for this week, the question we’ll be focusing on is:

Who Wrote the Bible?


Question: Who wrote the Bible?

Answer: Chosen men who were inspired (or directed) by the Holy Spirit

Supporting Scripture:2 Timothy 3:16

As I look ahead to the questions, I’m not as thrilled with this set as I was with our Spring time questions.  We’re using the Kid Quest Catechism Kids curriculum and the Volume 2 questions seem to be a bit confusion and cumbersome, especially since the curriculum is designed for preschool and kindergarten!  We might be making some adaptations in the future, so stay tuned!

This week, we’ll be talking about three of the Bible authors: Moses, David, and Paul.  To begin, I plan on having the kids find “books of the Bible” (boxes covered in paper) around the room and matching them up to the correct author.  We will then spend some time talking about the books these men wrote and how we can apply their words to our lives today.

If you’re looking for a few more coordinating activities, read on!

Who Wrote the Bible (2 Timothy 3:16) Coordinating Crafts and Games:

  • Play a game of clothespins books of the Bible with a hanger (find instructions at Bible Crafts). Have a Bible dictionary handy to look up authors for the various books of the Bible.

Who Wrote the Bible?

  • Have kids pick a favorite Bible verse (or use 2 Timothy) and make a fun sticker art picture as seen at Our Family for His Glory.

canvas art

  • Play books of the Bible bingo with the kids
  • Play a matching game with books of the Bible.  Either match the book with the author (concentrating on Moses, David, and Paul) or simply match book to the same book memory (concentration) style.  You can find some printable memory cards here.
  • Read through a few of the Psalms and encourage kids to write a poem like David.  If kids are too young to write, have them illustrate one of David’s Psalms, such as Psalm 23.

Cotton Ball Sheep

  • Read through a summary of one of Paul’s letters in a Kid’s Bible commentary and encourage kids to write a similar letter to a real or imagined friend.
  • Check out a Pinterest board with great ways to learn the Books of the Bible.  There are plenty including one here and here!

Songs to Sing:

More Stuff to Check Out:

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