Whooooooooo’s Job is It? (Getting Kids Involved in Ministry)

Whooooooooo’s Job is It? (Getting Kids Involved in Ministry)

We love to see kids excited about church and one way to help keep them involved and engaged is to give them something important to do – namely a job.  Kids love helping out.  However, too often, we as ministry leaders are too busy scrambling around doing last minute things to really slow down and teach those eager kids about the ministry.  A few years back, I took a class at Children’s Ministry University Online (CMUO) called “Kids in Ministry”.  It really encouraged me to get the kids more involved in the week to week dealings of the ministry and slowly, but surely, the kids are taking a lot more ownership of our program.

One way we get kids involved is with the job board.  You may have seen our job board in this post before, but I’ve taken to updating it a bit with each season. For the fall season, I grabbed some fun owl cutouts from Carson Dellosa (you can also grab the Colorful Owls Cut-Outs on Amazon) and made a “Whooo’s Job is it?” Display.

Who's Job is It? Owls

 A closer look….

Whoooo's Job is It?

The jobs we have on the board include:

  • Attendance
  • Worship Team
  • Snack Helper
  • Lights
  • Timers
  • Prayer
  • Substitute

The substitute is a new job we just added to the board.  Previously, whenever someone (especially worship team) was absent, there would be a clamor of kids begging to take their place.  I love that they want to serve, but I didn’t like the disorganization of filling in.  Now, the substitute fills that role.  Easy.

What About You?

How do you get kids involved?  Do you have a job board?

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