Why I’m Excited for The Gathering 2015

Why I’m Excited for The Gathering 2015

The countdown has begun for The Gathering!  This year, I’m thrilled to be headed to Chicago to hear a great line up of speakers and be refreshed and renewed. Here’s the top 5 reasons I’m excited about the Gathering!

1) The Speakers!

Every year, David C. Cook rounds up a great bunch of keynote and break out speakers and this year is no exception.  I have heard previously from both Michelle Anthony and Albert Tate, but Mike Erre and Brady Boyd are new to me.  I just picked up a couple of Mike’s books and Brady’s books and look forward to hearing from him at the Gathering.  A few of their books really seem to resonate with some thoughts I’ve been having lately, so I’m excited to read more and maybe have a chance to talk with them about it!

The Gathering 2015: The Source

2) The Breakouts

The list of breakouts looks great this year.  I’m especially looking forward to Tommy Larson’s breakout on volunteer replication and Megan Marshman’s breakout on Spirit-Led, Family-Empowered, & Gospel-Centered Student Ministry.  And what?  Ryan Frank is going to be there?  Super exciting! Stay tuned for more notes!

3) The Location

Even though I loved being in California for the past few years, I am thrilled to be headed to Chicago this year.   I’ve got a few friends and family members in Chicago that I’m excited about seeing (and I love that the Gathering leaves plenty of time for after hours fun!) and I hear that Geneva is a lovely place to visit.   I’ve also been hearing some weird stuff about a chrome bean that I’d love to check out!

Chicago: The Chrome Bean


#4 The Break

I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve been struggled the last few weeks with having a passion for ministry.  Maybe it’s having too much on my plate or maybe it’s just the need to step away for a few days and reconnect with the Holy Spirit.  Either way, I excited about this break in routine and pray that the Lord will ignite me with a new passion for this mission.

#5 The Music

Music is one way that I can refresh my soul, but often I’m so distracted in my home church that I can’t really enjoy it.  I love the music we’ve had at the Gathering over the years and can’t wait to hear what’s on the schedule for this year.  I love worshiping side by side with hundreds of other kidmin workers and I can’t wait to bring back some new ideas for worshiping in my own ministry.

What About You?

Are you headed to the Gathering this year?  What are you excited about?  I’d love to hear about it!

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