Worst Valentines Ideas Ever.

Worst Valentines Ideas Ever.

Valentine’s Day — what a sappy, happy day.

It is simply the perfect day to express love and affection to those in your life who you truly care about.

But what do you do with those people you don’t really like well?  You don’t give them one of the Valentine’s listed below.  That would be just terrible.  Just terrible.

Worst Valentines Ever

All of these Valentine’s gifts should be placed inside a paper bag to build the element of surprise.  On the outside of the bag, the Valentine message should be written.

Valentine Idea #1

Outside the Bag: Would you BEE my Valentine?

Inside the Bag: Live Bees

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Valentine Idea #2

Outside the Bag: It would be rotten without you as my Valentine.

Inside the Bag: A rotten banana (I’m talking 3-4 weeks rotten)

Valentine Idea #3

Outside: Honey, would you be my Valentine?

Inside: Place a simple valentine (one of those boxed kinds), but FIRST coat the inside of the bag and card with honey!

Valentine Idea #4

Outside: I’m caught in a web of love.  Only you can set me free!

Inside: Live spider

Valentine Idea #5

Outside the bag: You’re the sweetest Valentine I know.

Inside the bag: Giant pile of syrup

Moldy Cheese


Valentine Idea #6

Outside the bag: Valentine’s Day without you would just stink.

Inside the bag: Giant hunk of stinky moldy cheese

What About You? 

Got any good, I mean bad Valentine’s Day ideas?

Leave me a comment and let me know!


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  1. These are hysterical! I wish I had something good to add to them! I am going to share this, thanks!
    Stopping by from Mommy-Brain Mixer and so glad I came!
    Coretta Owen recently posted..Precious Storage

  2. Thanks for stopping by Coretta. Glad I could provide a smile for your day!

  3. What a hoot! I can just imagine someone’s face receiving one of these. You’re full of imagination! Thanks for linking up with the mommy brain mixer.
    Jelli recently posted..Brown Butter Butterscotch Blondies


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