Wrong Movie + Broken Sound = Perfect Night

Wrong Movie + Broken Sound = Perfect Night

This week, I was reminded God’s sovereignty.  Can I tell you a story?

It’s Wednesday and I have completely forgotten to pick up Cars 2 for tonight’s lesson!  I knew there was something I wanted to do yesterday (Monday would have been even better!).   With four kids in the house under the age of 2, I knew there was no way I could “hop over” to the video store and pick it up, so I emailed my friend Paulette (who has helped me out in a pinch more times than I can count — she is such a blessing in my life!!) asking her to pick it up for me.  I figured I could stream it via Netflix or Amazon Prime in order to prep but our AV guy would need a hard copy to show the kids.

Turns out, I could not stream it.  Unless I wanted to pay $16.99.   I did not wish to pay that.  Instead, I rented Cars (the original) from Amazon for $1.99 and got to work watching the whole horrible thing.  I emailed Paulette, asking her to get Cars 1 instead.  I seemed to remember some part where Lightning was being two-faced (the lesson for the night) with his friend Mator.  Two hours of my life wasted later, no dice.  Nothing I could use. Great.

I tried streaming Tangled. Nope.  Not available.

I knew Lion King has some parts, but of course, we had left our movie at church.

Now out of options, I hoped I could “wing it” with Cars 2.  After all, the script was built around this movie, so it had to work, right?   It seems like I should have learned my lesson (see One Time Won’t Hurt post) and prepared a little more in advance.  Ugh.  How does Wednesday sneak up on me every week?

I get to church and Paulette unloads her bundle of movies.  “I couldn’t remember exactly what we decided”, she explained, “so I just got everything.”  I looked on the table.  I saw Toy Story 1, 2, and 3.  The Jungle Book.  Tangled.  And some Disney books.  Um…. “Did you get Cars 2?”  I asked.


That didn’t exactly work out.

To the nursery I went to retrieve our copy of the Lion King and with great haste, I found the clips I wanted to use.  I wrote down the cue times and handed the movie and notes to our AV guy, Joe.

The first part of the lesson went well (totally fun object lesson with salt water– will have to blog about that later).  And then it was time for the clips.  I cued Joe and the first clip started rolling.  Sans sound.  Hm…

I waited a few seconds — usually Joe has these things fixed faster than you can say “Bob’s your uncle”, but the sound did not come.

“No problem!”  I have seen The Lion King approximately 327 times since it is my 2 year old’s favorite movie, so I just filled in the silence with the correct lines, changing my voice for each character.  Apparently, kids think this type of thing is hilarious.   I did the same thing for the next clip (Scar tricking Simba while in the gorge), but for the final clip (the great Simba/Scar battle), we skipped the clip altogether and I went all Kidologist-style acting on the kids.  There was jumping, spinning, yelling, roaring, pouncing, laughing and more!  And you know what, I think the kids really got the point.  They saw that you don’t want to be like Scar — saying one thing but feeling a different way in your heart.

So despite my procrastination, a movie-mix-up, and a  broken sound system, the Lord prevailed.  The night was great.  I had a ton of fun, the kids had a ton of fun, and they learned a valuable lesson.

Praise God that He is strong in our weakness (even when it is self-inflicted!)


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