You’re a V.I.P (Getting Kids Involved in Ministry)

You’re a V.I.P (Getting Kids Involved in Ministry)

It has been our habit for a long time to get kids involved in ministry whenever (and wherever!) we can.  We have them pick jobs each week, hand the service over to them once a year, and encourage a spirit of service whenever possible.

Candy Cane VIP Back Stage Pass (2)

A few years back, when we did our Candy All the Way Christmas play, we had a few kids who were much more comfortable backstage than on the stage.  Knowing that these kinds of jobs often are seen as “less valuable”  because they are less visible, we wanted to make sure our stage crew knew that they were very important people.  One of our kidmin team members made these amazing badges (laminating them, of course!) and gave the “backstage passes” to the crew to wear with lanyards.  The kids loved them and it definately made the job feel more official!

VIP Pass, Candy All the Way

Kids love to be involved — but they don’t all love to be up front and the center of attention.  Be sure you are creating jobs that suit all types of personalities.  Some of these back stage boys went on later to become the stars in our Esther movie, but I think it took a little confidence building to get them there.  We want our kids to know that there is a job for everyone in the church and we definately want them to practice serving from the very beginning.

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